Harlow in Eugene, Oregon-What information should you know?

If you are the type to want all two things at once, like living the urban lifestyle while enjoying the great outdoors, then living in Harlow, Eugene, Oregon, is the right fit for you. Harlow offers incredible listings as the Willamette River sprawls into the neighborhood, showing you and your family a grand time in an afternoon of canoeing, a romantic boat ride with your partner, or just a quick afternoon dip.


Considered home-sweet-home to its residents, almost 50% of the population has families with children under 18 years old. Population pegs its median age at 28.3. Regarding population density, the Harlow neighborhood is just about 9% higher than Eugene’s population density. Additionally, Harlow has a population density of 3,977 per square mile, and its total population is 12,899.

Real Estate

Interestingly, Harlow’s real estate listings are a seller’s market, not quite enough as there are more buyers than there are available properties for sale. The median list price of properties in Harlow amounts up to $ 339,500 and has a 1.5% increment each year. Right now, roughly 43 houses are ranging from $ 249,000 to a whopping $ 1,200,000.

For those who opt to rent, you may be surprised to know that 55% of those who live in Harlow are renters, and the remainder is homeowners. According to the real estate Zillow, single-detached houses predominantly represent 45% of the buildings in Harlow. While most are small apartment buildings, half of it are larger apartment buildings scattered around town.


Having the best and expansive residential neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon, Harlow offers a wide array of civic and social activities. These boost local business and enterprise, schools, churches, parks, local shops, and restaurants, all from its social and active community participation from its residents.

Compared to the national US average, the median household income in Harlow of $ 49,402 is 11% higher. Its income per capita reaches about $30,087, which is 1% higher than the national average. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate here in Harlow is 4.1%, it is still faring better than the US average of 12%.

Amid Pandemic

The pandemic did not stop Harlow from strengthening its civic duties to its community. Harlow residents held meetings online to discuss and understand the new normal and plan upcoming summer activities for this year without compromising safety and adhere to social distancing measures through the program known as ” The Bubbling-2020s”, which was part of the planning in late August.


The Harlow community also joined in participating in the Open Streets program of Eugene, which consists of activities encouraging people to go outside with the assurance of providing them with safe spaces to walk, bike, and stroll around. The programs’ activities aim to promote healthy mental and physical well-being to the community residents.

A great neighborhood in Harlow will undoubtedly look after you and your family in good times and in tough times. Harlow is not just a picturesque neighborhood. Its supportive community may help you finally decide to move in.

When you are looking for a new home for your family or just looking for a place to pursue your career, check out Harlow. You will discover how friendly and supportive the neighborhood, then you will find that Harlow points you to a new home.