Jefferson Westside Community in Eugene, Oregon-Home For Sale

Why is Jefferson Westside community in Eugene, Oregon, an ideal place to raise a family?


Jefferson Westside presents  the reasons why it is an ideal place to raise a family based on the following information.

Jefferson Westside Neighborhood is in the heart of Eugene, providing easy access to  the city’s amenities. You can find this area roughly between W. 7th and 18th Avenues and between Lawrence/Willamette Streets and Chambers Street.

Owing to its unique variety of stores and restaurants, stunning parks, and close-knit community, Jefferson Westside is one of Eugene’s most popular neighborhoods. In fact, Jefferson Westside is also the winner of the 2010 neighborhood of the year award by the City’s Manager’s Office of Eugene.

The Lane County Events Center, located in the heart of the neighborhood, is a fairground and a venue for yearly community events. The surprisingly low cost of living is a significant attraction for renters, along with the fact that Jefferson Westside is a bike-friendly and walkable area.

Population and Demographics


The total population of Jefferson Westside is 6,736 as of the latest data for 2021. It has seen a 6% population growth since 2000. The population density is 7,371people per square mile.

In addition, the median age here is 31.  Most of the residents here are renters and 28% own their houses. About 7% of properties in the neighborhood are unoccupied.

Real Estate Market and Home Values


According to, as of May 2021, Jefferson Westside is a seller’s market. It implies that more people are looking to buy than available homes for sale in this area.

Moreover, the current median listing price of homes here is $412,500, trending up 21% in recent years.  The median listing price per square foot here is $293, and the median sale price is $355,000.



Depending on where you live, two high schools are located in the  area. In the 4J school district, your kids can either attend Chavez or Adams Elementary Schools, Art & Technology Academy or Roosevelt Middle School, and Churchill or South Eugene High School.     This area is also near Lane Community College‘s downtown campus, the University of Oregon and other public and private colleges.



The Jefferson Westside neighborhood in Eugene has a lower-middle income population. Moreover, 45% of the working population in this area works in professional, management, and executive positions.  About 23% of the residents are in service jobs and sales.  At the same time, the other 23% work in clerical, tech support, and assistant positions, and 9% work in laborer and manufacturing jobs.

Events and Activities


For people who like an active lifestyle, Jefferson Westside is an excellent choice to live. It’s a terrific area because of its central position and abundance of things to do within walking distance.

It is just south of the Whiteaker community and provides convenient access to the Ruth Bascom bike route, which runs on both banks of the Willamette River and the Ferry Street Bridge. Besides, it connects the city’s north side to Coburg Road. Parts of the neighborhood are also adjacent to downtown and all its amenities including shopping, restaurants, and brew pubs.

Moreover, there’s also the Jefferson off-leash dog park and Monroe Park, situated in the heart of the neighborhood.  The park has a playground for children and provides a spot to relax and enjoy the sun in the summer and spring months.