Laurel Hill Valley Community in Eugene, Oregon-Home For Sale

Why Is Laurel Hill Valley community in Eugene, Oregon, an Ideal Place to Raise a Family?


Crest Drive community in Eugene gives you  the reasons to chose it as the ideal place to raise a family based on the following information.

Eugene’s Laurel Hill Valley neighborhood is located immediately east of the University of Oregon campus, with easy access to Interstate5. It’s primarily residential, with a rural atmosphere in some areas, focusing on conserving the area’s natural wooded surroundings.

Franklin Blvd to the north, Interstate-5 to the east, 30th Avenue to the south, and Hendricks Park to the west define the neighborhood.

Laurel Hill Valley is a community with a distinct character and a diverse demographic. Besides that, this area’s neighborhood organization, the Laurel Hill Valley Citizens,  helps ensure quality of life and engagement within the Eugene’s oldest neighborhood, which was incorporated by the City Council in 1974.

Population and Demographics

According to the latest data for 2021, the total population in Laurel Hill Valley is 636. The population density is 232, which is 94% lower than Eugene, and the median age is 39 which is 16% higher than Eugene.

The neighborhood demographics include residents who identify as White (85%), Asian (8%), and Black (1%).

Real Estate Market and Home Values

According to, as of May 2021, Laurel Hill Valley is a buyer’s market. However, it implies that the supply of houses in this area is greater than the demand for homes.

The median listing price of houses in Laurel Hill is $510,000, trending up 14% year after year, and the median listing price per square foot is $255.


If you decided to move here, your kids could attend schools within Eugene’s 4J school district.  The schools include Edison Elementary SchoolRoosevelt Middle School, and South Eugene High School.  For college, they can attend the University of Oregon, just a few minutes away from this area and other nearby universities.


Laurel Hill Valley neighborhood has 49% of population works for professional, executive, and management positions.  In addition, 26% works in sales and service jobs while 18% works for laborer and manufacturing occupations.   The other 9% works as clerks, tech support, and assistants.

Events and Activities

Explore the Laurel Hill Valley’s natural beauty by visiting its significant landmarks: the 78-acre Hendricks Park, Eugene’s oldest park; Laurel Hill Park on Augusta’s south end; Moon Mountain City Park, southeast of Bracken Fern; the Willamette River at the Valley’s north end; and the Laurel Valley Educational Farm at Northwest Youth Corps.

Laurel Hill is the oldest  neighborhood in the city. It has a lot to offer from a great location and schools to beautiful parks and amenities. Laurel Hill is indeed one of the best neighborhoods to call home.