Northeast Community in Eugene, Oregon-Home For Sale

Why is Northeast community in Eugene, Oregon,  an ideal place to raise a family?


 Northeast community is an ideal place to raise a family  based  for the following reasons.

Northeast Community is where the city and farmland meet. You will find it within the urban growth boundary north of Randy Pape Beltline between the North Game Farm Road and the Willamette River.

The neighborhood was formed after separating into three areas and features an excellent location near downtown Eugene and the city’s urban areas.

Besides that, it is also a prime location for the best Eugene real estate because of its lovely area with large lots and new homes.

 Population and Demographics

The population of the Northeast Neighborhood is 9,201 people. The majority of residents in the neighborhood – about 88% are white and 4% identify as Asian and 3% of residents identifying as other races.

Moreover, the population mainly comprises adults from ages 40 to 60 years old. Additionally, 14% of this neighborhood population are veterans.

 Real Estate Market and Home Values

According to, as of May 2021, the Northeast neighborhood is a seller’s market. It implies that more people are looking to buy than homes available for sale in this area.

The current median listing price of houses in this area is $499,000, trending up 14% year after year. Additionally, the median listing price per square foot is $264. And the current median sale price is $517,500.


The Northeast area is a lower-middle income neighborhood.

About 45% of the residents in the neighborhood work in management, executive, and professional jobs. In addition, 23% work in sales and services jobs while 23% are in assistant, clerical, and tech support positions. The other 9.2 work in manufacturing and laborer jobs.

Events and Activities

The Delta Oaks Shopping Center, CreeksideGilhamCal Young Sports Parks, and a golf course are a few of the attractions available in the neighborhood.

Therefore, the Northeast area of Eugene has all you need, from basics to luxury items, amenities, and places.

Overall, it is a beautiful place to start fresh and lay your roots.