River Road Community Unites Culture and History

Eugene, Oregon’s River Road Neighborhood is one of the city’s largest communities. In this part of town, Eugene’s real estate is mainly made up of detached houses. Perhaps, these houses are among the best in providing protection and space for a growing family.

Population and Demographics

With a total land area of 3.104, River Road Community, as mentioned earlier, offers plenty of space for your whole family. As of the most recent data available, it has a total population of 12,412, with 44% of the population accounts for families with kids below 18.

Moreover, River Road Community has a 3,955 population density per square mile, which is 8% higher than Eugene’s population density of 3,661 people per square mile. Perhaps the median age here is 21% higher than Eugene’s, with 41.2.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

According to Realtor, as of February 2021, River Road is a seller’s market, which means more people are looking to buy than houses available in this area. However, 37 homes are for sale as of their current data, ranging from $265,000 to $998,000.

Moreover, the median home listing price here is $337,000, trending up 8.8% year-over-year. Perhaps, River Road’s median sale price is $328,000, with a median listing price of $252 per square foot.


The majority of the people or residents in this neighborhood make more money than the average Eugene City family. According to the most recent data available for 2021, the River Road Community’s median household income is $45,660. It’s $801 more than the city’s $44,859 median household income. However, the income per capita here is $23,216, 22% less than the national average. Moreover, the unemployment rate here is 5%, which is 7% higher than the national average.


Furthermore, director, executive, and technical occupations employ 31.3 % population in this neighborhood. Simultaneously, 29.3% work in sales and service positions, ranging from major accounts to fast-food restaurants. The remaining 21.6% work in laborer and manufacturing positions, while 16.4% work in assistant, clerical, and tech support jobs.


Activities and Events

River Road is the Willamette River and Crow Creek that are perfect for families who want to be close to a city while still experiencing the great outdoors. Canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and afternoon picnics are only a few of the water sports that a family can enjoy in the water systems that flow through the River Road Community.

Aside from that, River Road Community Organization is working on various projects to develop the town. The Green and Resilient Initiative is one of these projects. This project aims to inform and coordinate collective community efforts to minimize their environmental footprints and plan for natural disasters. Moreover, the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET), which recognizes neighborhood areas that can benefit from complimentary social use, is another significant River Road Community project.

Furthermore, the River Road Community is a great place to start planning your dream home. You will develop an appreciation for positive and welcoming people outside of the city. After reading this article, you might wish to consider purchasing a real home in the River Road Community.