Santa Clara Community in Eugene, Oregon-Home For Sale

Why is Santa Clara community in  Eugene, Oregon, an ideal place to raise a family?

Santa Clara community presents the ideal place of raising a family based on the following information.

Santa Clara  is a small town that has the best of both worlds. It offers an excellent blend of suburban living and more rural areas, making it perfect for families who want safety and access to nature on their doorstep.

In this neighborhood, you’ll find Santa Clara on River Road’s northern end. To the north of it is Beacon Drive and to the west lies NW Expressway, while Willamette river separates the area from the east, in which Beltline road defines its southern border.

The Santa Clara area is a far outlying part of town, with some older subdivisions dating back to the 1960s and 1970s. New buildings are also under construction. Moreover, a few historic farmhouses on the outskirts add charm for those willing enough to look!

Population and Demographics

As of the latest data for 2021, the total population of Santa Clara is 17,754. In addition, the population density here is 1,703 people per square mile, and the median age is 44.2. There’s room to spread out in Santa Clara with a population density 53% lower than in Eugene. In contrast, the median age here is 30% higher than in Eugene.

Moreover, the majority of the population is primarily white (87.76%), residents who identify as Asian follow 55%) and less than 1% of residents identify as Black.

Real Estate and Home Values

As of May 2021, Santa Clara Neighborhood is a seller’s market based on  Realtor data. It means that more people are looking to buy than available houses for sale here.

The current median listing of houses here is $415,000, trending up 10.8% in the past years. Additionally, the median listing price per square foot is $243. And the median sale price is $435,000.


Santa Clara area has three different school districts within its boundaries. The 4J school district serves the majority of Santa Clara’s students and schools within the neighborhood zone include:  Madison Middle SchoolNorth Eugene High School, and two elementary schools, Awbrey Park and Spring Creek.

If you live in Santa Clara’s westernmost areas, your children may attend Irving Elementary School and then can transfer to the Bethel School District’s Shasta Middle School and Willamette High School.

Children from Santa Clara’s northernmost neighborhoods could be zoned to attend  to Oaklea Middle School and Junction City High School via the Junction City School District’s Laurel Elementary School.

The area also offers access to the University of Oregon and other public and private colleges located in Eugene.


The Santa Clara Neighborhood in Eugene  is a lower-middle income community.  About 38% of the residents in this area are employed in management, professional, and executive positions and about 25% work in sales and service jobs. Nearly 21% are in tech support, assistant, and clerical positions and another nearly 15 %  work in manufacturing and laborer jobs.

Events and Activities

Due to the excellent location of this neighborhood, it is home to many recreational activities and sites. There are several lovely parks in the neighborhood that you can visit. The boat ramps provide easy access to the Willamette River which runs along the area’s eastern border and provides fishing, rafting, and  wildlife viewing opportunities that your   family can enjoy. River Road is  Santa Clara’s main road and is home to various local businesses, such as restaurants, banks, gas stations, medical offices, and credit unions.

There are plenty of opportunities to join neighbors as part of the Santa Clara Community Organization. It is an organization of active residents who represent the neighborhood and create opportunities to improve the quality of life in the area.  Santa Clara  is an ideal place to raise a family. It is  a lovely neighborhood town with excellent amenities and people who would surely make you feel at home.