South University-Learn more information about the neighborhood

South University’s Neighborhood is situated from the west side of Agate Street on the east, stretching to the south side of East 18th Avenue on the north. The neighborhood spans from the north side of East 24th Avenue on the south to the east by Patterson Street on the west.

Landscape of Neighborhood

South University was awarded as Neighborhood of the Year 2011 which would be enough proof for one of the country’s best real estate. The neighborhood association of South University is the most awarded in all of Eugene, Oregon, as being attuned and responsive to its citizens’ needs and concerns. South University’s neighborhood also spearheaded the Livability Summit, a program targeting the environment and livability. This eventually became one of the best features of the Neighborhood of South University. To resolve undesirable behaviors such as binge drinking and hard-partying by students and younger people in the neighborhood, representatives from the city and even the police convened to form the Neighborhood Livability Working Group to conduct the Summit. This contributed largely to the South University to be conferred with the neighborhood of the Year award.


South University has a total land area of only 0.317 square miles. While only over a quarter of a square mile, 3,766 people live in the neighborhood, based on the latest population statistics. Owing to its effective neighborhood programs, this area in Eugene is the most densely populated.

Real Estate

August 31, 2020, the real estate website Zillow pegs South University homes’ typical value at $523,760, which only includes middle-tier homes that are seasonally adjusted. In previous years, South University’s homes have gone up to 5.0% and are estimated to increase by about 4.5% for the following year.

Another real estate website lists the median price of South University properties at $504,000 at $293 per square foot. Note that these prices are as of September 2020. The list price ratio of South University sale is 100%. Do you know that houses are sold with just being 87 days in the market?


While the 6.5% unemployment rate of South University is higher than the national average, and the median household income totals $ 15,640, which is also 72% lower than the national average. Lastly, the income per capita is at $15,668, and this is also almost 50% lower than the national average. South University employs professionals in the management and executive sector for its employment opportunities, contributing to 62.3% while some 25.4% are from services, sales and most come from serving in fast-food establishments. The remaining 6.6% are from technical support, clerical works, office assistants, and 5.2% from laborers and manufacturing industries.


Community Activities


In addition to the award-winning initiatives from the South University neighborhood association, it also holds the Annual Ice Cream Social. What is the social event? The residents come out of their homes and share scoops upon scoops of ice cream for neighbors to meet, chat and get to know each other more. It also holds the Annual Giant Neighborhood Garage sale to sell items that residents no longer need to generate profit instead of just throwing them away in the garbage. This allows them to earn a little in not having to throw away things and therefore reducing waste.

A very welcoming and warm place owing to its amicable and neighbors who look out for each other, South University is just as accommodating to its residents and movers. Learn more about the livability of South University for you and your family.