The University of Oregon Campus Transforms Students’ Life to Facets of Opportunities

A bustling neighborhood of scholars and more, the University of Oregon Campus stands as Oregon’s education institution’s flagship. About 3,000 residents occupy the University of Oregon Campus and call it their home. It is a thriving and promising place for the real estate business in Eugene.


Comprising of residents in their 20s and majority are college students make up for the University of Oregon Campus population. Its population is 19% less dense than that of Eugene’s population density. The University of Oregon Campus neighborhood only has less than a square mile or just 0.433 square miles. Besides, 2,568 from the University of Oregon Campus makes up for its population density of 2,949 per square mile.


In terms of median age, the University of Oregon’s residents is reasonably young, only 19.4 years. Only 43% of its households are composed of families with children, and the rest are singles. So, if you are looking for someone and are active in the dating scene, the University of Oregon Campus is the right place to look for a special someone.

Real Estate

While there are no available properties for sale, according  to and Zillow, neighborhood scout, the median real estate price for properties in the University of Oregon Campus is priced at $ 420,153. This median price is 67.1% more expensive than that of the state’s neighborhood and even higher than the communities at the national level.


As the University of Oregon Campus population comprises students primarily, the median household income is $ 22,500, which is 59% lower than the national median household income. The per capita income is $ 9,109, and this statistic is also lower than that of the national average. Interesting fact, though, males earn more here as their median income is $ 3,797, a whopping 41% higher than the median female income of $ 2,895. Employment opportunities at the University of Oregon Campus are from the sales, service industry, clerical, and office positions. These jobs are both popular with men and women.


One can never have a dull moment here at the University of Oregon Campus. Several activities are waiting for you in the neighborhood, from games, performing arts and museum exhibits. How about checking out sporting events? Enjoy football events involving the UO Ducks and its rival, Stanford. You may even watch until they take each other out until the championships. Should you be a fan or become one eventually, you can shop for official merchandise and memorabilia at the Duck StoreOr, if you are into arts, you may get your fill from the school’s musical programming in the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance. When looking for the nightcap or chill with a bottle of beer and nachos, you can head on out to the University of Oregon Campus Restaurants and Bars. It will be a fun-filled night.

The University of Oregon is a place of great convenience for students and residents alike due to its location, amenities, and neighborhood. The student vibe that the University of Oregon Campus gives out draws in more students to find an excellent place to stay in have good friends, good times, and even a partner for life. You will feel forever young in this neighborhood, so come and visit, University of Oregon Campus.