Trainsong Community in Eugene, Oregon-Home For Sale

Why Is Trainsong Community in Eugene, Oregon, an deal place to raise a family?


Trainsong community in Eugene gives you  the reasons why it is an ideal place to raise a family based on the following information.

Trainsong neighborhood is called “Trainsong” for a reason. You’ll locat this eneighborhood between Highway 99 North on the west and railroad lines to the south, north and east.

Population and Demographics

As of the latest data for 2021, the population in Trainsong is 2,389. Additionally, the population density in this area is 1,132 people per square mile, which is 69% lower than Eugene. The median age is 36, which is 6% higher than Eugene.

The neighborhood demographics include residents who identify as White (77%), Black (2%), and Asian (0.2%).

Real Estate and Home Values

This area is one of the most accessible in the city since numerous highways and railroads pass through its boundaries. People are drawn to this neighborhood because of this.

Moreover, there are currently three homes for sale in Trainsong on, ranging from $299,900 to $1,800,000. There is also a listing in this area in Zillow that you could check out for $1,790,000.


Trainsong is near the Bethel School District. Therefore, the schools near it where your kids can attend are Fairfield Elementary SchoolCascade Middle School, and Willamette High School. They can also participate in the University of Oregon for college and other nearby universities.


The median household income in Trainsong is $32,569, which is 41% lower than the national average. At the same time, the income per capita in this area is $18,874, which is 37% lower than the national average. Besides that, the unemployment rate in Trainsong is only 5% which is 1% lower than the national average.

Furthermore, 32% of the working population in Trainsong work for executive, management, and professional positions. 28% are in manufacturing and laborer jobs while 19% are in service jobs and sales, from serving in fast food restaurants to major sales account. The other 19% are in tech support, assistant, and clerical positions.

Events and Activities

Go out and have a picnic with your whole family in Trainsong Park. Your children will surely enjoy the play area and tire themselves out of playing. Besides that, they can also work on their three-point shots in the basketball area of the park. Moreover, If you’re into skateboarding, you’re in luck because Trainsong Park also has a skate park to work on your skateboard tricks.

Trainsong also has a convenient location close to Eugene’s great amenities. It is only a few-minute drive to West Eugene and Eugene’s more prominent neighborhoods.

Overall, Trainsong may not be on the best Eugene’s neighborhoods list. However, it can still be the best neighborhood to some. After all, we all have different preferences.

Trainsong is well taken care of by the Trainsong Neighbors. It is a resident’s organization to protect and promote this area. Thus, if this is the kind of place you’re looking for, then it can be the best place to raise your family.