West Eugene Community in Eugene, Oregon-Home For Sale

Why is West Eugene community in Eugene, Oregon, an ideal place to raise a family?


West Eugene community is an ideal place to live in Eugene, Oregon based for the following reasons.

The West Eugene neighborhood is partially located downtown. You will find it in the area between Active Bethel Citizens on the north, Churchill Area Neighbors on the south, and Far West Neighborhood Association, and Whiteaker Community Council on the east.

Moreover, this area features a historic residential and commercial district.  Some of the lovely older homes here have recently been restored and transformed into businesses. Therefore, you will find an abundance of  food and shopping here. Moreover, the Lane Events Centerthe Hult Center for the Performing Artsthe Eugene Saturday Market, and Eugene’s Farmer’s Market are also adjacent to parts of this neighborhood.

Population and Demographics

As of the latest data for 2021, the total population in West Eugene is 3,801. The population density here is 613 people per square mile, which is 83% lower than Eugene. And the median age here is 38.5, which is 14% higher than Eugene. The neighborhood demographics include residents who identify as White (85%), Black (4%), and  Asian (2%).

Real Estate Market and Home Values

West Eugene houses have an average value of $344,804, based on recent adjusted seasonal prices for properties in the region, according to Zillow.  Property prices in West Eugene have increased by 5.3% in the last year.


West Eugene  has several nearby schools and universities, which include the César E. Chávez Elementary SchoolRoosevelt Middle School, and South Eugene High School.  The neighborhood is also near the University of Oregon and other public and private colleges in Eugene.


The median household income here is $32,064, which is 42% lower than the national average.

The majority of the residents, 39.2%, works in manufacturing and laborer jobs. Additionally, 23.1% are in sales and service jobs, 19.3% are in management, executive, and professional positions, and the last 17.9% are in assistant, clerk, and tech support.

Events and Activities

With the convenient location of West Eugene, you can find many great amenities and fun things to do here.

For example, you can visit Monroe Park with your whole family.  It is a family-friendly 2.58-acre park with a play area, basketball, picnic tables, and performance space.  The neighborhood connects to many areas of the city offering quick access to restaurants, shopping, and several neighborhood parks.

After a day in the park, you can also take your family to the different restaurants here. Try the different cuisines from Thai, Mexican, and classic American through this fantastic restaurant. Visit Fisherman’s Market for your seafood cravings, Ubon Thai Kitchen for Thai cuisine, and Laughing Planet for a traditional American lunch.

With West Eugene’s convenient location near everything that the city offers, it is one of the best places to raise a family in Eugene.