Downtown – The Heart of Eugene, Oregon


What is it like to raise a family in Downtown community in Eugene, Oregon?


Downtown community presents the benefits of moving and living  based for the following information.


Downtown Eugene is a neighborhood community that is the heart of the state’s second-largest city and a gem of Eugene’s real estate. Perhaps, Downtown Eugene is home to several well-known attractions that bring tourists to the city’s heart. From Sizzle Pie to Voodoo Doughnuts, Kesey Square, named after the famous author, is a dining hub with food trucks and destination eateries.

Moreover, Eugene’s performing arts center is the Hult Center, and the Park Blocks are home to Eugene’s vibrant Saturday Market and Lane County Farmers Markets. Perhaps, once you’re in the downtown area, you’ll find many fantastic boutique stores, art galleries, and restaurants.

Real Estate Market

According to Realtor, as of February 2021, the median listing price of homes in Downtown Eugene is $499,000, trending up 4.4% in the past years. Perhaps, it has a $277 median listing price per square foot, and there is currently one home for sale here that costs $900,000.

In Zillow, on the other hand, as of February 28, 2021, it says that the typical home Downtown Eugene’s home value is $385,177. Perhaps, it has gone up to 11.2% in recent years. Moreover, this area is mainly comprised of large and small apartment buildings. Therefore, approximately 95% of the neighborhood residents rent their homes, with only 5% owning their own. Furthermore, this area offers mostly one-bedroom and two-bedroom residences.

Population and Demographics

Moreover, the Downtown neighborhood is one of the city’s most heavily populated areas. Three thousand three hundred forty-five people are living here. According to the recent statistical data, it has a population density of 2,053 people per square mile. This implies living life in the fast lane, having fun, and playing games.

Living in Eugene’s most densely populated area can only mean one thing: you’ll be at the Downtown community center and the universe that is Eugene, Oregon.

The downtown area is ideal for young professionals who live by the maxim “work hard, play hard.” The average age is 31 years old. Yes, this is where the young and trendy coexist. Perhaps, statistical data indicates that 44 % consists of married couples with young children.


Downtown is not the ideal place to start looking for jobs. The median household income in this area is $15,041, 73% percent less than the national average. The unemployment rate is also 5.5%, which is 17% higher than the national average.

Events and Activities

The Broadway Streatery and Saturday Market are two famous events that take place downtown. Let’s say you want to help a local restaurant while remaining healthy by adhering to social distancing guidelines.

In that instance, the Broadway Streatery is a community-driven initiative to assist the local restaurant while also providing a better and more socially isolated dining experience. During the pandemic, it is a policy that supports both health and businesses.

Moreover, Saturday Market is a good option if you’re looking for the longest-running open-air artisan craft market! The program aims to showcase the artists’ and crafters’ creations, such as colorful tie-dye, candles, pottery, jewelry, wood carvings, wind chimes, and more. It’s a beautiful place to find elegant presents for your loved ones while still helping local businesses.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in moving to a nice neighborhood that cares for one another, forget not Downtown to be at the top of your list.




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