Friendly Area, Welcomes a Pleasant Neighborhood


What is it like to raise a family in Friendly Area  in Eugene, Oregon?


 Friendly Area is a neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon’s south-central region. Perhaps, this community is also known as “Friendly Street.” Moreover, it was named after Sam Friendly, Eugene’s beloved mayor in the 19th century. Besides that, the Friendly Area Neighbors association takes care of this community.

Real Estate Market

As of February 2021, Friendly Area has the real estate market that marks the seller’s market. It implies that more people are looking to buy than houses available here. Moreover, the median list price of homes here $382,000, trending up 1.3% over recent years. At the same time, it has a median sale price of $396,000 and a $252 median listing price per square foot.

Moreover, single-detached homes are the most common housing type here. The remainder, on the other hand, is primarily comprised of large apartment buildings. Perhaps the majority of the homes in this Area are three and two bedrooms. Besides that, this neighborhood also has an equal number of homeowners and landlords.

Population and Demographics

A growing number of residents are settling in the Friendly Area neighborhood. The number of people who know about it is increasing is a testament to the name it bears. As of the most recent statistics, Friendly Area has a population of 7,954 individuals.

It has a population density of 4,670 people per square mile, which is 28% more than Eugene’s 3,661 people per square mile. Perhaps, families with children under the age of 18 account for 42% of the population.

Moreover, Friendly Area is one of Eugene’s neighborhoods with almost a 1:1 male-to-female ratio. Furthermore, the median age in this area is 36.3.


The median household income here in Friendly Area is $54,232, which is 2% less than the national average. On the other hand, it has a 34% lower unemployment rate than the national level with 3.1%. Moreover, it has an income per capita of $27,872. It is 7% less than the national average. However, it only has a slight difference with $27,167 Eugene’s income per capita.

Although employment may be scarce in this area, there are numerous small, locally owned businesses that you can check out. Perhaps, here in Friendly Area, you’ll find markets with fine organic products, produce, and regional wines from Oregon’s vineyards. A locally owned bookstore, restaurants, cafés, and farmer markets are also available. Where the owners and staff will warmly welcome and serve you from the heart.

Events and Activities

Friendly Area offers a variety of activities and events to foster positive relationships and changes in their community. Picnics, harvesting, music-filled celebrations, apple and cider pressing, work parties, and tree planting are just a few of these activities. Perhaps, gardening is a hobby shared by many of the friendly neighbors in the Area. It is a way for them to contribute to their community and socialize with their neighbors.

They have a Common Ground Garden Work Party where they learn or share their knowledge of food gardening. Gardening tools, amendments, and plants are all conveniently provided to them. Besides that, there are also experienced gardeners on hand to help organize and guide everyone to the work party.

Friendly Area is, as its name implies, is indeed a welcoming environment. It’s a place where everyone is working hard to make the neighborhood even greater and pleasant for everyone.


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