Laurel Hill Valley, Eugene, Oregon- Discover More About the Community


What is it like to raise a family in Laurel Hill Valley community  in Eugene, Oregon?


Laurel Hill Valley in Eugene, Oregon, invites you to join the neighborhood, particularly if you’re looking for the most spacious detail in the state. This area offers a fantastic location with convenient access to urban centers such as hospitals and shopping malls. Perhaps, based on the available data, investing in a home or just a piece of land here is worthwhile.

According to Zillow’s statistics, the typical home value of Laurel Hill Valley homes is $462,729. Besides that, this value has also gone up to 12.3% over the past years. Also, the city council chartered Laurel Hill Valley in 1974, making it Eugene’s oldest community. The city count charter’s active participation helps to understand why the society is well-organized, peaceful, and has a diverse population of different characters.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

According to Realtor, as of February 2021, Laurel Hill Valley is a seller’s market. This implies that more people are looking to buy than available homes for sale here. However, there are currently 16 homes for sale here, ranging from $357,500 to $599,900.

Moreover, Laurel Hill Valley has a home median listing price of $372,200, trending down to -22.3% over the past years. Besides that, the median sale price here is $454,900, with a median listing price of $248 per square foot. The real estate market in this community understands the appropriate home for a growing family. Honestly, if you give special attention, homes for sale are easy to find in this town.

Population and Demographics 

Living in Laurel Hill Valley means having at least twice the space of a typical city neighborhood. This neighborhood has a total land area of 1.074 square miles and a population of 1,566 people. These statistics result in a population density of 1,582 people per square mile. Perhaps this is much lower than Eugene’s population density of 3,998 people per square mile.


With a median household income of $98,060 as of the most recent data for 2021, Laurel Hill Valley is one of Eugene City, Oregon’s wealthiest neighborhoods. With a population of just 1,566 people, the median household income is very high compared to the city of Eugene’s $44,859 median household income. Perhaps, it is also 77% higher than the national median household income of $53,270. Besides that, the per capita income is $46,144.

Event and Activities

Laurel Hill Valley is a bustling city with a lot of activities and events going on. The Laurel Hill Park Picnic and Ice Cream Social is one of these gatherings, where they gather in the park to greet their neighbors. They also organize open meetings at which everyone is welcome to attend.

So, what’s the plan? The residents come together to organize activities and ways to enhance their neighborhood quality. Besides that, there could be a variety of ways for you to get involved in this community. You may attend meetings, donate, or volunteer in the community. Every single effort counts!

Laurel Hill Valley is a lovely place to think if you want to raise your children in a home with plenty of space. Aside from having good jobs and welcoming neighbors, what else do you want in a neighborhood? Laurel Hill Valley is the place with everything you need to call home!


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