River Road Community Neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon


Why is River Road, Eugene, Oregon an ideal place to raise a family?


The River Road Community boundaries are along the Northwest Highway on the west, Willamette River on the east, and the Beltline Highway (Route 569) on the north. Perhaps, the River Road Community Organization supports this area. This organization is the official neighborhood association for this community. They represent the River Road Community residents and improve their quality of life through different projects and events.

Moreover, Eugene’s River Road neighborhood is mainly residential, with plenty of large lots. It presents easy access to restaurants and shopping areas in Springfield, Eugene, and the Willamette River to the east.

Like the rest of Lane County, the River Road community has many excellent real estate opportunities. Perhaps, the typical housing type for sale in this area is single-family houses. In addition, the River Road neighborhood also has many excellent and available land properties in the area for sale.

Population and Demographics

The current population in River Road Community as of 2021 is 12,412. So, perhaps, this area has a population density of 3,955. Additionally, the median age here is 41.2.

Moreover, the most notable race in this area is White, with 88.49%. Black followed it with 0.94% and Asian with 2.15%.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

According to Realtor.com, River Road Community is a popular neighborhood for homebuyers who can afford a property in the $375,000 median price range.

Moreover, as of May 2021, River Road is a seller’s market. It implies that more people are looking to buy than available houses for sale.

Furthermore, the median listing price of homes here is $374.9,000, trending up 21% in recent years. Additionally, this area’s current median sale price is $385,000, with a $237 median listing price per square foot.


The River Road neighborhood in Eugene has lower-middle-income neighbors, making it a lower-middle-income community. According to Neighborhood Scout, this community has a lower income than 66.1% of the country.

Moreover, 33.3% of the working population in this area works in management, executive, and professional jobs. At the same time, 29.7% is in service jobs and sales. The other 19.3% are in labor and manufacturing occupations, and the last 16.5% are in assistant, tech support, and clerical positions.

Events and Activities

There are many Eugene events that you can attend. However, COVID-19 has limited the number of events and gatherings at this time. Therefore, several events have been canceled or moved online.

Thus, the River Road Community has initiatives to alleviate the pandemic’s adverse effects on the community, which includes having a Food For Lane County Canned Food Drive. It is an event organized by the River Road Community Organization that gathers food and distributes it to people in need.

Overall, the River Road Community is indeed an ideal place to build a family. An active community organization of friendly and kind residents supports it. They look out for each other even through desperate times. A community of people that you can count on in everything.



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