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What is it like to raise a family in Trainsong neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon?


Trainsong is one of the 23 neighborhood associations of Eugene City in the state of Oregon. Its boundaries are the Southern Pacific’s switching yards stretch north to a line parallel to Barger Drive on the east, the Southern Pacific’s Coos Bay Line on the south, and Highway 99N on the west. With a total land area of 1.023 square miles, it has a great business growth potential on the Eugene real estate.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

Trainsong is one of the most accessible neighborhoods in the city that may be why many people are drawn to this place. It offers various highways and railroads that pass through its boundaries.

Perhaps, railroad systems that go through this neighborhood are the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Willamette and Pacific RR (Union Pacific RR), Central Oregon, and Pacific RR.

Moreover, according to Zillow, as of February 28, 2021, the typical home value in Trainsong is $272,274. Perhaps, its values have gone up to 13.2% over the past years. While according to Realtor, there is currently one home listing here that you can avail of for $265,000.

Population and Demographics

According to the most recent statistics available for 2021, Trainsong has a total population of 2,389 people, with a population density of 1,132 people per square mile. With a population density of 3,661 people per square mile, which is 69% lower than Eugene.

For 54% t of the population in Trainsong, households are mainly made up of families of children under 18. Besides that, the median age is 36.0, which is 6% higher than Eugene’s. As a result, Trainsong is a vibrant community that is perfect for young families with their children. Perhaps, many residents may prefer to remain in this community rather than relocate elsewhere.


Trainsong has a median household income of $32,569, which is 41% lower than the national average. Perhaps the income per capita in this area is $18,874, which is 37% lower than the national average. However, this neighborhood’s unemployment rate is 4.6%, which is 1% lower than the national average. In Trainsong, the male median earnings are $24,262, which is 41% higher than the female median earnings of $16,713.


Trainsong Park and the Trainsong Skatepark are two outstanding facilities in this area. Trainsong Park is a 5-acre park with ball fields, basketball courts, picnic tables, and a children’s playground. It’s a great place to bring the whole family to have some fun, let the kids play in the playground, and make new friends.

Moreover, The Trainsong Skatepark is perfect for those who enjoy skating. It’s a small metal skatepark with a mini-ramp on both sides with quarter pipes that build hips. A couple of rails, a small bank, and a small roll-in to a small pyramid are also available. Perhaps, this skatepark is excellent for beginners learning to skate and a fun spot for anyone to explore.

Amid the Pandemic

Several volunteers from the community are working together to keep these beautiful amenities going. They also organized community events to improve their community, especially now during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

It is indeed a wonderful place to start a family and raise children. They’ll love this area, which is full of fun events, facilities, and amicable people.


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