West University- Ideal Community for Students and Professors


What is it like to raise a family in West University neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon?


The West University neighborhood is located directly west of the University of Oregon, the home to thousands of students. Therefore, given its strategic location and students’ rapid movement in the University area, it has much potential for the Eugene real estate market.

Real Estate and Home Values

According to realtor.com, four for-sale houses are currently in West University, ranging from $695,000 to $1,400,100. Besides that, as of February 2021, the median listing price of homes here in West University is $550,000, steady over the past years. While the median listing price per square foot of $250.

Perhaps, since West University is near the University of Oregon, most houses are rented by students. Additionally, there are different apartments available here, from studio apartments, apartments with pools, and apartments with in-unit laundry. However, make sure to visit their website for more updates on the new listing of for-sale real estate and rental apartments.

Population and Demographics

According to the most recent data available for 2021, the West University community has 7,119 population within its total land area of only 0.335 square miles.

However, its population density is more than the average figures for neighboring communities and the entire city population density. The West University community’s population density is 11,905 people per square mile, implying an over triple the whole city’s population density and distributed to 3,661 people per square mile.

Moreover, because of its proximity to Oregon’s flagship university, most of its residents are young adults, with a median age of 21.8, 36 percent lower than Eugene.


Since students make up such a large portion of the population, the median household income in the West University region is just $10,672, which is 81 percent lower than the national average. With an unemployment rate of 6.2 percent, the average income per capita is $7,689, which is 74 percent lower than the national average.

According to Neighborhood Scout’s working population report, sales and office workers and service occupations account for 41.6 percent of top sources of livelihood or revenue in West University, ranging from working in fast-food restaurants to large sales accounts. Simultaneously, management, technical jobs, and executive occupations account for 33.8% of the neighborhood working population.

While 14.9% are in technical support, assistant, and clerical works, 8.4% are manufacturing and laborer occupations.

Activities and Events

West University is home to a 0.3 acres West University Park adjacent to the University of Oregon. It features two rain gardens in the park filter runoff from the plaza and large rocks and local plants in the southern Willamette Valley contributing to its landscape’s natural beauty.

Perhaps, the park offers a quiet respite for the city, and the plaza is where the West University Neighbors meet. They hold events like Nachos and Neighbors, where they gather together to meet their neighbors and be friends with them.

Moreover, West University offers an excellent real estate location because of its proximity to the prestigious University of Oregon. Your investment is well-worth your to live in a community, particularly for professors, college students, and young adults!


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